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  1. I had a glass of milk, and some mini chocolate chip cookies.
  2. Pretty good - although, I didn't accomplish a whole lot!
  3. Yes, I do. Most of my games are on there these days: it's just so convenient, and the frequent sales are a bonus too 😛 . I don't have the Steam Link, though. I've never had any desire to play any Steam games on my TV 😛 .
  4. Kyng

    Chec-Kyng in!

    Thanks - and I will do if I can think of anything :) !
  5. Kyng

    Chec-Kyng in!

    Hi guys! I'm Kyng, otherwise known as CJ. I'm 29 years old, I live in the United Kingdom, and I work as a programmer. My hobbies include railways, sports, gaming, and - of course - forumming! I've never used an Xbox (of any description) in my life, so I don't know how much I'll be able to contribute here. However, I thought I should sign up to at least show my support :P .
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